Explore Old City Wieng Kum Kam

wieng kum kam

wieng kum kam

Wiang Kum Kam was a settlement long before it became King Mangrai’s capital around 1287-90. Frequent flooding caused Mangrai to move, but the place remained important throughout the Lanna period. The site was later buried under mud when the river changed course during the Burmese period. The area was restored as a historical park during the 1980’s. Surrounded by paddy and village houses, the extensive site has a pleasant rural feel, yet it is very close to Chiang Mai.Continue on Koh Klang Road past Wat Chedi Liam, to reach the McKean Institute. Follow the river to Ban Pa Dua for a pleasant rural ride and to see woodcarving. At the Wiang Kum Kam Information Center, Wat Chedi Liam and Wat Chang Kam you can make a tour with a horse carriage (200 Baht per carriage per tour) or with a tram (20 seats, 1-5 persons 250 Baht, 6-10 persons 300 Baht, 11-15 persons 350 Baht, 16-20 persons 400 Baht per tram). You can also rent bicycles 20 Baht or take a look at the Wiang Kum Kam Museum 10 Baht. http://mychiangmaitravel.com/index.php/chiangmai-cruise/88-cruise/133-river-crusie-wiangkumkam


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